Minify ASO - App Store Keywords List Shortener

Minify ASO - App Store Keywords List Shortener

Looking to optimize your app's visibility on the App Store? MinifyASO is here to help!

This tool simplifies your ASO (App Store Optimization) keywords by removing duplicates, commonly used words (called stop words), and plural word suffixes such as 's' and 'es'.

This way, you can fit more keywords into your app's description and increase your chances of success with ASO.

To use MinifyASO, simply enter your ASO keywords into the "Input keywords" field. You can separate these keywords using spaces, commas, or new lines.

If you have any keywords that you want to exclude, such as those that are already included in your app's name and subtitle, you can enter them into the "Keywords to exclude" field.

When you're ready, hit the "Minify Keywords" button.

The minimized version of your keywords will be displayed in the "Output keywords" field.

This field is editable, so you can see the character count after making changes.

Just be sure to double-check the results before using these keywords, as there may be errors when working with words.

With MinifyASO, optimizing your app's visibility on the App Store has never been easier!